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Unnatural limitations



*1971: Nixon declared War On Drugs. 1.3% of US population was addicted to illicit drugs.

*2014: 40 million arrests, $1.5 trillion spent on War On Drugs. 1.3% of the US population is addicted to illicit drugs.

*43 years, no decrease.

The basis of universe and evolution is this:

No unnatural = violent limitations on use make less use, and unnatural laws get broken.

Change purposes & focus on benefits instead.

Go social.

Go Bitcoin. Now.

Disruption of internet


What do we disrupt with internet:

  • jotting, thinking and sharing. kotov.in is the way
  • education. competition in presenting + broadcasting + comments + soundcloud-like timelines + voice, blackboard etc. recognition, keying & linking + interactive online environments & libraries
  • science. same as above with formulas, descriptions of variables & their uses, links, names, models etc.
  • a simple screen is a great medium to place functional rectangular blocks on it. So many simple queries, HTML codes etc. can be placed within. So many uses. Such ms-metro-like GUIs can be remotes to web 3.0 or to our neighbors’ digital worlds, almost any thing with all features & benefits can be translated onto screens forming the market of basically everything

Things I don’t get


What will you say to your children if you won’t stop govt violence, mad pharmacy, Amazon, Apple, Google, all governments, immoral secret societies and large unethical businesses?

Doctors say, living in a city is like living next to a corpse now. Wear breathing masks.



Drugs are effective ways of getting things done.

The only question is the question of purpose & preference.

If you are seeking for violence, racism, human trafficking, fear, unhealthy wants, stupidity, bad jobs, imprisoning, insulting, nefariousness, higher consumption and less:
& creativity
— do nothing & go criminal like govts do.

If you are seeking for wonderful and amazing creative solutions to big problems, step up.

Here’s the list of the most shared web pages & the most influential web nodes on drugs, narcotics & psychiatry.

Advice for youth


Schools are obsolete prison-industrial indoctrination & propaganda camps aimed to hurt your health to cut tens of your elderly years to get your pension obsolete fiat money to criminals called government.

Forget schools.

Go internet, libraries, bookshops and streets.


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Путин – вивисекция, евгеника, фашизм, расизм, оскорбления, нападения, рэкет, шантаж, доносы, репрессии, психиатрия, коррупция, химическое и неврологическое оружие, худшая госмедицина, планетоубийцы в управлениях юридической, финансовой и полицейской систем, 95% бизнеса в офшорах, высший расход на полицию, войну и силовиков, максимум героина и максимум суицидов.

По каждому пункту #1 в мире.

Систематическая катастрофическая вредоносность государства.

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